Saturday, October 22, 2011

Things I'm loving....

Poppet's little posy, picked with Gran

Beautiful blossoms on my dwarf peach and nectarine trees, ready to plant.  Bargain $10 each from my local farmers market!

My Mollie Makes and Cath Kidston mags, all the way from the UK

Gorgeous wee suitcase from Manu Design Store

I'm also loving shops that cater for children!  A big 'Well done' to Benny's Books, in New Plymouth.  They have a great selection of toys in their children's area, a box of books especially for little people to flick through, and a basket of stamps to amuse tired children, while waiting for your purchases to be wrapped...for free.  I've become a regular customer for children's birthdays (I love to give books) and Poppet now knows and loves the children's area.  I loved the Orla Kiely books I spotted the other day... though decided the two year old male recipient would probably prefer something else.

A couple of great online stores worth checking out for Orla Kiely products are... small acorns (great selection) in NZ and Lark (love the mugs) in Australia.

I'm linking up to paisley jades 'things I'm loving' post.

Have a lovely weekend, and as Poppet would say... 'Go, go All Blacks'.



  1. loving everything in your post! orla kiely kids books - might get them for myself!! and didn't know cath kidston had a magazine how lovely to have those 2 mags for some weekend reading :)

  2. Such a great list - loving everything here!! (especially that cute as suitcase!)

  3. Oh - and just also wanted to say that I LOVE your swans!!


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