Monday, November 21, 2011

Things I'm loving....

My garden!  It's starting to look lovely and lush, my foxgloves are out, and my first rose bloom, bought last year from this gorgeous garden

Poppet is loving  this pasta... in particular the little 'rara's' a.k.a. lions.  I found it at New World in the pasta section, bit pricey, but lasts ages. 

My canteen Christmas cards.  On the back of each is a story about the artist.  I flicked through them all, uplifted by the positive outcomes, only to come to my favourite (the gumboot/stocking one) which sadly was by a girl who lost her older brother to cancer, it tipped this hormonal preggo women over the edge!  

On a brighter note, I'm also loving my latest wee baby shoes.  Such gorgeous images, and the girls pair are reversible, with a sweet vintage floral on the reverse.  For more images check out missmollycoddle on facebook.

Our first A & P show on Saturday... Poppet loved the animals!  My husband grew up on a farm and looked forward to these every year as a child, I was a city girl, so it's all new to me.  We'll definitely be making it an annual event though. 

I'm linking up(very late) to Paisley Jades 'Things I'm loving' page.


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  1. Those baby shoes are so cute and I loooooooove the pasta! Snap alright - too funny about the sheep petting!


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