Sunday, December 18, 2011

We have a winner...

What a fantastic response to my baby shoe giveaway.  Tha nks so much to everyone that entered, and for all your kind comments.  I wish every comment could win a pair, though the thought of sewing 102 pairs truly exhausts me! I tried to respond personally to as many as possible, if I didn't to yours and your expecting (as so many were), all the best for the upcoming birth and those precious (yet challenging) first few months.  I entered loads of giveaways and am just sitting back waiting for my winning emails... and waiting... and waiting... oh well, if I don't win it was great fun discovering a whole load of new blogs, from which I'm anticipating great inspiration in the new year. I'm sure I'll be reading loads during those initial long night feeds.

I used to draw the winner, number 86, Megan from mousehouse!  Congratulations Megan.  Megan has a fantastic blog, if you haven't seen it yet (you've probably seen THE doll house) you must check it out, gorgeous.   I cannot work out how to copy the number generator to post here, though I'm figuring it must be quite simple, as I see heaps of blogs have done so.
Megan said...

love the scooter shoes in your Felt shop, my hubby used to have a Vespa pre kids and Jack would look super cute wearing these. Have a lovely christmas Sarah :)


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