Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas crafting of the cutest kind...

I know it's not very modest of me, but... I do believe this is the cutest stocking ever made! It has everything I love, red polka dot, turquoise, ric rac and my adorable belle and boo Christmas fabric.  It seems I was very lucky to purchase this fabric, as I read on their blog that it sold out for the second time, and I can see why, it's adorable.  So far I've made Poppet's stocking, some cute bunting (with my favourite candy stripe binding) and some Christmas shoes.  I've got a wee bit left, but am all crafted out, so I'll keep it for next year.  I also made the super easy, super cute, red felt ornament, you can find the tutorial here.  The rugby decoration is this years purchase from our local Santa shop, a tradition I've started as I thought it would be fun for kids to pick a new one each year.  We'll always know this year because of the world cup connection.  

I've had one of my weekly midwife appointments today, followed by a surge in nesting urges!  So best I get off here and start cleaning, would be nice to see through my windows this summer.

I'll be back later this week with one last post for the year.



  1. Love love love that fabric! I can see why it has sold out so quick!

  2. That is cute! I think you're right. I love Belle and Boo :) Jenny

  3. I just love the fabric on the stocking!! So cute..


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