Thursday, October 11, 2012

E for Eden...

Eden (a.k.a. Poppet) is very proudly telling us (and random strangers) her name lately, though today she disputed her middle name, she's quite adamant it's not hers.  Anyway, I thought I'd make her a special cushion in honour of her beautiful name.  We finished it off last night, her roughly stuffing it, me roughly hand stitching it closed, to hurry up what was becoming a very late bed time!

She's very interested in my sewing at the moment and likes to sit on my knees while I sew.  Although it's quite sweet, it's not very practical.  So, I was thinking a wee toy sewing machine for her birthday, I'd love to buy her first one.  Does anyone know of any good ones for really young girls to pretend on?  Perhaps even wooden? Another idea was some stitching cards.  Megan, from Mousehouse, did a great post on them a few months back, you can check out her ideas here. She has some links to free printables too.  There's a good selection available on fishpond, unfortunately my absolute favourites were also the most expensive by far, super cute vintage pictures though...

Sarah :)


  1. That cushion is devine!
    (we have a Miss E too!)

  2. Love the cushion!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. HI Sarah, how old is your daughter? I bought a book for my eldest daughter (who was 5 at the time) called Super Simple Sewing produced by Klutz. It has a stitching card, pre-cut material, ribbon and a plastic needle perfect for little hands. I see it is available through Fishpond and it's on sale at the moment...My four year old really enjoys playing with it too. Sorry, I can't help with the toy sewing machine, I had a plastic one as little girl that I thrashed. With three girls of my own, I really wish I'd taken more care of it now...

  4. Hi there. The only one I have come across is this little one in the Trade Aid stores.


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