Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas decoration making...

We got busy making Christmas crafts this week.  Inspired by the fabulous decorations below (via pinterest), we made some salt dough ornaments.  I used the recipe below and baked mine at about 100C for a couple of hours.  I'd probably just leave to air dry next time though, as they did puff a bit, though I reduced this by pricking the backs with a skewer.  A friend of mine made some super classy stamped ones and they're drying as they hang on her tree, looking much more fabulous I might add. She also used hers to decorate Christmas gifts, as you can see in the top photo.  We poked holes with a straw(prior to baking) and plan to thread some festive red ribbon through for hanging on the tree.  They may not make it to the tree though, as my daughter is pretending they're biscuits and they've been licked, and lost.  I found a poor soggy snowman right down the end of our yard today.  

and here are some stockings I've been making and selling in my felt store and on trademe.

Happy decorating!

For more inspiration, pop over here.



  1. We made salt dough ornaments this year too, but they were not half as good as yours! I think our dough was a bit sticky... x

  2. Beautiful stockings!


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