Thursday, November 22, 2012

My creative space...

I recently made up the bag from my Cath Kidston sew book, after receiving the book for a birthday a few years back!  The motivation to do so came from my antique coat rack, a lucky trademe purchase.  It's from an old train carriage and the hooks fold in, making it very discreet if lacking space.  I recently painted it in my favourite periglacial blue by Karen Walker, and needed another accessory for it.  My husband tried hanging a black jacket on it, only to have it quickly whipped off, poor man clearly didn't realise I hadn't put it there for practicality (yes, he's very patient). Anyway, I really enjoyed making a bag for a change, and made a few adjustments to it.  I squared off the strap ends and stitched the strap to the bag, I lined it in a pink polkadot fabric that I had left over from Poppets curtains, and put a reddish button on for a bit of contrast.  I'm very happy with the result and it looks great on the coat rack.  You never know, it may even get used!

I've also been busy making some new styles of baby shoes and bibs, you can see these on my facebook page.

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  1. Oh well done, your bag looks great! Cath Kidston fabric is so much fun to work with, isn't it? :)

  2. It's a lovely bag, the fabric is so sweet. I've only just discovered Cath Kidston when I bought a phone cover - now I see her everywhere!

  3. love the vinatge hooks you've got going there!and the bag is lovely too!

  4. I have this very book sitting on my bedside table (for over a year now) I really need to sit down and make it. ;-)


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