Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hello and Happy New Year

Well hello and Happy New Year to you!  It seems I've been suffering from a bout of 'bloggers block'.  Either I'm not the only one, or there's a lot of fellow bloggers out there enjoying a break, and a long awaited summer, good on you.

We've been busy with a third and first birthday (I know, can't believe he's one already!), and Christmas in between.  Cakes to bake and sheep on steroids to decorate (we named him Lance), I'd thrown all the real 'choking hazard' farm animals, so the scale was all out, not that he'd notice.

I have managed to get in a bit of sewing time and will have some new stock to show you shortly.  I also have a new apprentice seamstress who likes us both to countdown to sewing, me on my trusty Janome, her on her battery operated Dora sewing machine, a great trademe score for $10.  I had decided to wait until she was a bit older and maybe get a sturdy vintage toy one, but couldn't resist this, I knew she'd love.  With afternoon sleeps a thing of the past (I'm in mourning) I need a few distractions for her out in the studio.  My husband is even less impressed with the state of what is (unfortunately) our shared space.  Not only is sewing paraphernalia spread EVERYWHERE, we now also house a children's tent, ride on tractor, scooter, sewing machine and table, bike, tunnel, toy lawn mower, basket full of beach toys... you get the picture.  It may be time to clean out the garden shed for a bit of much required storage, I'll just browse pinterest a wee bit longer...

See  you  back here soon.


1 comment:

  1. Your're quiet the cake maker.
    Can't wait to see what you've sewn.


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