Friday, January 25, 2013

Pretend play...

We're loving pretend play in our house, and it was definitely the theme for this years Christmas and Birthday presents, though it's been the homemade variety we've actually had the most fun with.  

These photo's were taken on an exceptionally hot day prior to Christmas.  I'd just made ice creams to cool us off and thought it would be fun to have our own wee shop.  We set one up in the door way and cut the ice cream images from the cone box.  Poppet understood the 'pretend' element, and had a great time taking my (and teddy's) orders and dishing out change (also cut from the box). Ben on the other hand looks less than impressed with his cardboard cutout, bless.  I had to adopt "The customer is always right' attitude when serving Poppet, as she was very insistent on change, whether she had given me money or not!  We'll readdress that lesson another day.    

If you're after a more durable, slobber resistant toy ice cream, we bought Poppet these wooden ones.  They're very cute, and come in their own wooden stand.

What pretend play games does your household love?


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