Friday, February 8, 2013

Blooming gorgeous

I used to think of Dahlia's as a bit old fashioned, and not in the beautiful antique rose way, more the sterile 1950's yates garden way.  But I think I've totally underestimated them, I'm a total convert.  These bright pink  beauties look amazing in my all time favourite vase, a blue ball preserving jar.  I seem to be seeing them everywhere now too, like on the small acorns blog, and Meg McMillan (teapea) has some gorgeous ones too.

A flower I never needed convincing of, is the big old beauties, hydrangeas.  I've been constantly cutting to display around my house.  My favourite being the pink ones (below) and my white 'wedding bouquet' hydrangea (above).  The vase is an old coke syrup jar, which I bought four of at a garage sale a couple of years back.  They were a pain for storing ingredients, as too narrow an opening, but are amazing for large blooms or foliage.  I was inspired by some great displays I saw on pinterest.

Sweet peas and hydrangeas, good old fashioned (in the good way) beauties.

I'll miss my cut flowers come the end of summer.  I may have to get creative with foliage displays, such as this taro one, very stylish and looks great with the green chairs.  Maybe some floral crafting will be called for too, there are some great paper flower tutorials on the net.  Let me know if you have a favourite winter flower or display idea, I'd love to hear it.


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