Thursday, March 28, 2013

A little shoe cupboard (for very little shoes)...

I picked up this super cute wee cupboard last week, for a bargain $2 from my local op shop.  I love it's little curved corners, bakelite handle and lovely wood grain.  I'm guessing it was once a bathroom cabinet, and that it would have had a mirror, where now it is a piece of board.  But it's just perfect for a little shoe display cabinet...

Firstly I gave it a very light sand and used some danish oil on it, it came up beautiful. I decided to do the front in this pretty duck egg floral, a scrapbook paper from spotlight, that way if I want it in my room it'll suit nicely.  It's glued then mod podged.

But the inside is a gorgeously happy children's party print.  Lot's of bunting, sparkles and clouds (just to carry on the theme).  It makes a lovely cheerful surprise and perfectly suits my little shoes.  Very happy indeed!

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Sarah x


  1. I love it. Such a sweet little cabinet. The bunting print is perfect. I'm always looking out for little wooden shelves with cubby holes. xo

  2. How cute. and what a bargain for $2.

  3. Sweet cupboard for oh so sweet little shoes!


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