Friday, May 24, 2013

What a whopper competition! (+ a peek at my hollyhock shoes)

So I've joined forces with Stella for her mammoth GIVEAWAY! There's a pair of my shoes up for grabs and some super cute other prizes, I especially love the fox dress.  Be sure to check it out and enter, it's amazing. Have a browse through her blog while you're at it too, it's one of my favourites and if you haven't already discovered it, you'll be glad you have now.

Did you see the gorgeous piece of embroidery on my post a couple of days back?  Well here is a sweet wee pair of shoes I made from it yesterday.  Photo doesn't do them justice, it was another dreary old day, I plan to retake some photos during this brief spell of fine weather.

Have a great day x


  1. Thank you! Those shoes are very sweet!

  2. Every pair of shoes you make is adorable. Congratulations on having your handmade goodness appear in the giveaway; someone is going to be very happy to win it all.

  3. Do so wish we felt as summery as these sweet shoes!


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