Thursday, July 11, 2013

Come fly with me...

watching telly 'fly in' movie styles!

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with flying.  If I get a whiff of bad weather I can worry for days prior to flying, and my eyes are never open as we land (and I'm saying a little prayer that we will land...on the runway-not San Fran styles either-poor people), but  on the other hand, I love all that it represents, reunions, adventures, shopping etc...  I love the whole flight experience too (so long as there's no turbulence), and yes, even the in flight meals.  When I recently booked flights to Australia, for an upcoming wedding, I was appalled to discover the new budget flight options,  I'm afraid I'm paying the extra for my glorified microwave meal, and I'll enjoy every morsel (that I didn't have to prepare), and I'll wash it all down with my (not so) free glass of Sauvignon blanc... thank you very much!

While we're on the topic of planes (omit reference to Sauv blanc), I recently purchased this vintage quilt for Ben, actually i got two, so I'll be able to have matching twin beds when he gets his own room.  It's adorable, and looks super cute with his mobile, made by his lovely Aunty Est.  

Here's a few more aeroplane themed favourites for you...

my favourite themes always seem to make it onto my baby shoes!

vintage plane decals, available here.

these would be cool for a kids plane themed party, or a farewell. Available here.

Have a lovely day and I'll see you back here soon x


  1. I have the exact same quilt!

    Take a peek.

    We love Flatout Frankie here - I posted a giveaway for them on Monday xo

  2. The vintage aeroplanes are just perfect!

  3. I'm not a good flyer either :( I usually start crying when we take off (my husband gets so embarrassed!) with all the creaking and shaking the plane makes. And don't get me started on the turbulence. And I freak out if the flight attendants are asked to sit down during the flight! Crazy thing is my Dad used to fly so you'd think I'd be ok with it. I've heard the "fear of flying" course at the airport is meant to be fantastic. Anyhoo... lovely blog post :) I love the vintage quilts you bought for your wee man. Very sweet x

  4. Love the theme - fabrics are gorgeous! Really like the board in the first photo - I used to stay in Livingston in West Lothian and know all the other places as well!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. I'm new to your blog and I just love it! Thanks for the inspiration and beautiful things!


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