Thursday, July 18, 2013

Things I'm loving....

My latest kids toy prop (anyone else a guilty purchaser of vintage toys purely for aesthetic reasons?), picked up for a song from my local hospice shop.

Still loving this beautiful vintage Sanderson fabric and all the goodies I've been making from it.

My little coffee treat while Ben's sleeping and Poppet's at preschool, a moments bliss!

Loving this song.  I seem to hear it everywhere and am still not sick of it (my husband assures me I would be if I had an office radio).

and these wholesome foodies blogs....

Have a nice afternoon :)


  1. I totally understand your compulsion to buy vintage toys, but so far I have resisted the urge as I cannot justify them with the ages my children are at. Instead, I settle for 'new' toys with a vintage feel like these card games, but really nothing compares to the genuine old school toys and the vibe they have. Love your apron and shoes (but you already know that).

  2. That scooter is too cute. What a find! I LOVE Pasenger. I can't imagine ever getting sick of him:) x

  3. Lovely makes! And scooter... we brought home a similar style one from a carboot - though sadly more 80's than your gorgeous one!

  4. Love the scooter and the plane post later in your blog. I clicked to hear the song and realised that its the song thats been going round in my head for weeks. Thank you for helping me put a name/artist to it! :-)


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