Thursday, July 25, 2013

New book Tuesday...Nici Wickes World Kitchen

Where have I been?  How have I not already discovered this DELICIOUS recipe book? It hardly fits in the 'new book' category, as was published in 2009 (again where have I been?), but I'm so impressed by my latest library discovery that I just had to share it, just in case you too have been living under a rock and have missed not only the book, but the cooking series, which I did manage to see about half of one episode of. Now I read ALOT of recipe books, and on a good day I'll find 2 or 3 recipes that I'm keen to try, not so with this book, barely a page was flicked by without inducing mouthwatering, tummy rumbling, excitement. Having been to all but 2 of the countries the book is divided up by, I was also filled with a sense of nostalgia for the countries themselves, and for the meals, which for me were always a highlight of my travels, sometimes a surprise highlight.  Have I told you about the best ever tiramisu in Munich train station?  I never seem to have the time for fiddly desserts these days, so was happy to see Nici's Lazy Tiramisu recipe.

I love that the recipes are simply, yet authentic, and have reasonable readily available ingredients. I had everything in my pantry already for tonight's dinner, but it wouldn't be hard to stock your cupboard for this book either, as many ingredients are repeated throughout.  

Zingy Balinese Chicken Curry, recipe here

Tonight the kids got bathed early and fed mac cheese, while I whipped up a nice Zingy Balinese Chicken Curry for a romantic dinner with my husband.  It was devine!  I must warn however that the onions really got the eyes running, mine and my husbands, so by the time we sat down and I'd rubbed mascara, we looked like we were in the middle of a marital crisis! So although I'm sure it would win over any hot date, it may be best to woo with something less tear inducing for the first meal.  Lucky we're well past that...

For more about Nici, books to buy and free recipes, check out her website here.

Sarah x


  1. I love Nici Wickes! I went to see one of her cooking shows a couple of months ago. I bought her Eat Cook Enjoy book and love it. Her Sultana, ricotta and honey cake is amazing xo

  2. new book tuesday? great idea, i'm having a run on good new books after a bit of a drought (mad keen on A Foragers Treasury by Johanna Knox today). Thanks for the tip on this book, i shall see if my local library has it, always keen to add new, especially lazy recipes to the repertoire!


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