Thursday, November 28, 2013

Who loves vintage?

Clearly I'm a tad obsessed myself.  I love the history of vintage items, imagining the owners over the years, the games played with toys, conversations over tea from vintage china... the tales they could all tell!  If Beths vintage caravans could talk they'd have a few tales to tell I'm sure.  

Some of you may have seen the gorgeous Mary-Lou, I shared her trademe link on facebook recently.  But did you check out the rest of Beths gorgeous restorations on her website, Love Vintage Caravans?  If you're wanting to recreate a little bit of her style at home, visit her wares page, it's beautiful, but you'll have to be quick, she sells out fast. The gorgeous vintage thermos will be under my Christmas tree courtesy of my (instructed) husband.  I've been wanted one just like this for ages!  

I'll be selling some of my vintage treasures shortly too (well, realistically it may not be till the new year), so keep an eye out on my trademe page or follow me on facebook (be sure to change settings to receive notifications) as I'll announce listings then.  Included will be the enamelware collection spotted above oven here

If you liked the pink shelf (also spotted here) then you'll want to check out the other listings from the woman I bought it off.  She sells under juliesgirlshed on trademe and has some cute listings on at the moment, my faves being these two...

Would love this for Bens room!

I'm presuming this is the same colour as used on my shelf and it really is the perfect pink.

All the best if you decide to bid, I'm sure you'll love your purchase from Julie, just as much as I love mine.

If you're eyeing anything up in my store, don't miss out (a few items are down to the very last ones for this year), but please be aware all purchases placed from Saturday 30th November till Sunday 8th December, will be shipped on Monday 9th December... when I return from my holiday!

See you back here then

Sarah x

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