Thursday, November 14, 2013

Your Home & Garden Article

Some of you may have spied me in the November issue of Your Home & Garden, for those that didn't I've managed to get my hands on a copy (thanks Your Home & Garden!) to share with you.  It was a bit of a secret dream of mine to feature in a home magazine, but never in a million years did I think it'd be our modest first home, which we moved from just two weeks before the article came out.  A little over a year ago I received an email from a freelance writer, Debbie Harrison, who had stumbled across my blog while searching for "the perfect duck egg blue".  I'm not sure which post it was that she found, as duck egg blue is mentioned a fair bit.  She thought our home looked lovely from what she'd glimpsed and asked if I'd be interested in emailing her some photos to show to a couple of magazines, which I did, after some extensive cleaning.  In February we heard that Your Home & Garden were interested, and the photos were taken early April, after some more cleaning, decluttering and styling.  I love the photos and the article too, and am so pleased to have it as a memento from our much loved home, a home with many happy memories.  

I tried to credit as many people as possible in the article, as we have quite a few items from favourite artists, crafters and fellow bloggers.  Here are a few of those, please ask if you want to know where anything else is from.

Illustration (in our bedroom) of Eden and Ra Ra by Stella
Doll on dresser by a little vintage
Wedding cake print (above china cabinet) by Sam Broad from Kina
Framed cards in bathroom and on china cabinet by Leanne Culy
Alphabet print in kids room by Sweet William
Turquoise jug, white dish and boat, by Tony Sly Pottery
Painting of Back Beach, Taranaki, in image below is by Deb Hoare
Favor poster and Poufs are also available in my store, MissMollyCoddle

Here are some more photos that weren't used, but were favourites that I really wanted to share, thanks to the photographer Jane Dove Juneau, for kindly letting me do so.

Sarah x


  1. I bought the magazine purely because I knew you were going to be in it and I thought your article and photos were great. I love that fridge!! Maybe we will see you featured again in your new home?

  2. Wow, you lucky lady. Such an amazing opportunity to have photos of your beautiful home published. x

  3. Exciting! I'm not surprised the freelance writer found your blog and noticed all the lovely photos of your home that you've given us a glimpse of over the years... how wonderful that you were featured!

  4. Just beautiful. Wonderful photos of an amazing home. Love your Crown Lynn swans xo

  5. Aaawww! Your house looks amazing! Congratulations on such a beautiful feature. And what a lovely way to capture all the memories you made there before you left. It all looks beautiful x

  6. Such a dreamy home... and a lovely way to remember your first, special home!

  7. So gorgeous - what a fabulous home!
    We love duck egg blue too!xxxJ


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