Thursday, January 9, 2014

Things I'm loving 2014...

Happy New Year!

I thought I'd start blogging 2014 with a "Things I'm loving" post.  Nothing like a bit of gratitude and positivity to start the year off with, so here they are...

Sunshine on the front porch...and playdough outside!

Dusting off the sewing machine and whipping up some more Little Ladies Aprons.

Winning a $100 voucher from a favourite store Ico Traders.  I'm eyeing up the white version of this gorgeous light, love the fruit bowls too though...

Winning the Toodles Noodles prize pack (I know! I've been super lucky), including the gold version of this tote and loads of other goodies valued at over $150!  I was very impressed with their designs and quality (more on them later).

Decluttering!  Doesn't it feel great?  After collecting items for particular spots in our last home, I'm now sorting through and selling anything that doesn't have a home in our new home.  With all our extra space, we seem to have less display space and I'm loathe to fill another roof cavity (it was a tad embarrassing how much kept being passed down from it).  Our teeny house was a little like the Tardis, in terms of space anyway.   All my vintage items are being listed on trademe.

This amazing book!  To be completely honest I thought it may be a bit too "On trend" and a bit too colourful, but I absolutely love it!  I had a thorough browse at my local whitcoulls, obviously during a rare child free outing.  There was something, if not multiple things I liked about absolutely every home in the book.  It's beautifully put together, totally inspiring and would make a perfect coffee table book... and birthday present for moi (hint hint darling).

Am also loving being rather productive during Bens midday sleep, so on that note, have a lovely afternoon and goodbye!

Sarah x

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