Sunday, January 26, 2014

My garage sale treasures...

images via pinterest

Beautiful aren't they? Well images like these were my inspiration for buying the following bed heads. Having given up on ever finding one to revamp, I bought Eden a wrought iron bed frame off trademe.  It's pretty cute, but having a foot board really limits how we can arrange her room, as it obstructs the window and door in  a couple of the possible layouts.  So I'm very excited to find one (actually two) of these, now I just need a base and a decision on which delicious colour I'll paint it!  If you're in Australia and looking for one of these colourful beauties, check out The family love store, gorgeous.

I absolutely love over sized vases (like the one above) for displays, as you can clearly tell from my pinterest board, display.  I originally bought four of these large jars from a garage sale, regrettably sold two at a garage sale of mine, so was stoked to find a couple more yesterday!  I'll list one on trademe and will keep the other, as I love the look of three down the centre of a dining table, with large foliage such as taro or fruit salad plant leaves as display.  Speaking of which, I also got a massive fruit salad plant for $5!  So large my lovely parents had to pick it up in their trailer, Thank you! x

Apparently they're old coke syrup jars, so I've been told.

A very retro child's suitcase.

A jug, which fits perfectly on my little kitchen shelves.  Cute tea tin and a wee vase I'm totally smitten with.  It has no makers mark, but if anyone can identify it that'd be great.  I love displays of all white vases and am thinking of one along our mantlepiece. Has anyone else noticed the great display in a recent heat pump (?) ad on telly, it has a cricketer who's name escapes me... anyway, it's above kitchen cabinets and looks amazing.

My new vase on display.

Very cute clock puzzle, would look great as art.

 A very successful morning indeed!  After quite a break from it, I may be hooked all over again.

I hope you've all had a great weekend.  If anyone else has shared their finds on a blog,  feel free to comment with a link.

Sarah x


  1. Sarah, I am so jealous of your finds! Do you follow The Family Love Tree on Instagram? You would love them, I think. Sorry, I don't know the maker of the white vase, but I adore the large glass jars. There is NEVER any decent stuff in the op shops when I have a moment to myself to go and look and I've been considering getting into the garage sale game down here, but must keep in mind that it can be very hit and miss and to be patient. One day, I too, shall find some treasures, right?!

  2. Love everything!!
    That bedhead is amazing - and is going to look fab whatever colour you choose!x

  3. You've found so many amazing treasures. The bedhead will be amazing all painted up.
    The garage sales here so far have been disappointing.

  4. oh lovely finds! Those jars are gorgy. Who would've thought they'd be coke syrup jars?? x


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