Thursday, February 6, 2014

Things I'm loving...

Anaglypta wallpaper as wrapping.  I've chosen one for our entranceway, so have a stash of no longer required samples, and they're making gorgeous wrapping.

Our new cloud bread/serving boards are a hit at our house.  Afternoon tea never looked so appealing! My snuggly little boy is pretty adorable too.

This little bird from Homebase Collections... I'm kind of in love with it, along with the rest of their products!

My newly painted dining chairs, inspiration taken from vintage items on my dresser, and my dearly loved fridge, it's a gorgeous mint.  I'm looking for a bench/pew for the wall side, so I can squeeze lots of little bottoms along it.  I'm still deciding on the colour for the fourth chair, and am mulling over how to use a test pot of beautiful shimmering gold too... 

Other things I'm loving, in no particular order are:

SUNSHINE!!!! (well maybe this is top of the list)
No colds for a whopping two months
Sewing (yes, soon to be restocking shop)
Sauvignon blanc (It just goes with Summer right?)
Mint, pink and copper colour palette, delicious!
The Block All Stars and Offspring, and it goes without saying really, ALL of Nina's wardrobe

Hope you're having a lovely day, feel free to share what you're loving too.

Sarah x

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