Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Shop news!

So... the big Free Shipping debate!  What to charge for shipping in a world where everyone wants it for free (inluding moi)?  It's something I've spent ALOT of time thinking about and investigating and have come to the following conclusions...

* It's not usually all it seems.  Knowing wholesale prices and RRP for quite a few products I stock, or I've seen elsewhere, I've noticed that shipping is often incorporated into the retail price when it's claimed it's "free shipping".  Fine if you're just buying one item, not so fine if you're buying a few, as you may end out paying more for shipping than if it was added at checkout.

* I don't how (or for how long?) those that do truly offer free shipping can do so on smaller cost items where the mark up is minimal?  Some of my items are less than the cost of shipping, others not much more, so these I would no longer be able to stock and they're some of my favourites and going by sales, YOURS too!

* I want to provide a variety of products, in a variety of price ranges, so for this reason alone, free shipping is not an option.

So, where to from here?  In order to continue to stock my popular lower priced items (we have heaps of great gift ideas under $30) and to reward you for buying more, I've decided to cap the shipping charge at $5. This will cover the cost for smaller items and I'll cover the difference when more is spent.  We'll see how this goes and if it proves popular, it will become a permanent feature on MissMollyCoddle. Happy shopping everyone!

We've got a fabulous range of hooks coming to our store later in March.  We're the only New Zealand stockist, so get in quick to avoid disappointment.  I know how hard it is to find cute kids hooks and ended out spending a fortune on international shipping to get some for Eden's room, so I was very excited to find these for you.  What's your favourite?  

A little while back we reached a milestone on facebook and I promised a giveaway.  Pop on over to my facebook page and follow the instructions for entering (NZ only sorry), you can enter 3 times, winner announced tomorrow evening.

Winter coats will be making their way back into our online store late March/early April, so keep an out. Most are one of a kind, or very limited stock, so first in best dressed!

Last but not least, we're taking a wee Summer Autumn holiday.  Last day to place an order and have  it shipped before we leave (payment must be by paypal or deposited that day) is Thursday, I'll courier Friday at the latest.  You can still place an order while we're away, and I'll despatch it on Thursday 20th March.

Have a lovely evening.

Sarah x

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