Thursday, March 6, 2014

Things I'm loving this week...

How adorable does my Little Ladies apron look?  This picture was very kindly sent to me by a happy customer.  I love how it matches perfectly with her daughters oven mitt, too cute! You can buy your own Little Ladies Apron here.

Cute entrances.  I absolutely love brightly coloured doors, what could be more inviting that a cheery front door?  I also love the little pink gumboots.  But  my favourite bit is definitely the doormat! Am I mistaken or is that a bit of Astro Turf cut out in an adorable (cloud?) shape? If so, what a clever and economical idea... I wonder if it comes in pink?

Friends who bake!  Check out these adorable (and delicious!) cupcakes a good friend delivered for my birthday, baked by her and looking like they'd come straight from a cupcakery in a very professional box. I can assure you they were delicious too. I'll have to lift my game, so it's lucky I also got given a recipe book I'd had my eye on for ages, The Caker, a.k.a Jordan Rondel, check her out, amazing original and inspired recipes.

My resident photo bomber!

The home of Paula Mills, from Sweet William.  She's just uploaded loads of new images to pinterest, check them out here.  Her home is always evolving and always so inspiring!

Right, back to pinterest, just for a few more minutes...

Sarah x


  1. I'm addicted to pinterest too,. There's so many inspiring pics at the moment.
    Those cupcakes look amazing, how spoilt you are. x

  2. What a happy front door... And that door mat!


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