Monday, March 17, 2014

Beautiful bunny tails...

Our bunny tails

I'm enjoying some quiet internet time while my wee man sleeps, my big man surfs and Eden gets crafty with rubber band bracelets (are they big in your household?).  Cyclone Lusi came and went without too much fuss here in the Coromandel, and cabin fever (literally, as we're staying in a cabin) was kept to a minimum, mostly due to the company of some great friends and their gorgeous kids.  I hope you weren't too battered where you were.  

Last time we visited the Coromandel, Eden and I picked bunny tails, an activity I loved as a kid.  The few that survived the trip home are now in an old bottle on my dressing table. I love them and the memory of collecting them.  A couple of weeks ago I came across the gorgeous image below (from here) and it inspired a lovely Sunday morning activity with the kids at our local beach, Ngamotu Beach.  They loved collecting them, and then picking the colours from the pantry and marvelling at them changing colour. Apparently they were to be distributed at preschool, though in our usual rush to get out the door they kept being forgotten. 

I also discovered this gorgeous blog while searching for images, check it out, very cute ideas for activities with kids and a video on dying bunny tails. 

Right, off to the beach...

Happy afternoon x


  1. Bunny tails! I miss them. Next time I visit the family bach I need to pick some and try to bring them back (through customs!) to the States with me... a bunch of them would look great in our bathroom! :o)

    Thanks for sharing the link to that lovely NZ blog. Enjoy the rest of your holiday x

  2. Hello! Thanks so much for mentioning our website - Everywhere you go! And lovely to discover your blog - I'm looking forward to having a look around! Lisa


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