Thursday, May 22, 2014


I made the switch from white to red wine this week, an acceptance of winters cold embrace on it's way and a luxury I embraced last night, in the form of a lovely large glass!  I fear I may have looked ready to swig straight from the bottle, right there in the alcohol aisle of New World, for the wonderful balloon man magically appeared with two balloons to occupy my hazardous toddlers.  I'm not sure who he is, or his role within the supermarket, but he's come to our rescue on a few occasions now, much like the free bread rolls from the bakery.  They last about halfway round the shop, but it's that final stretch through the frozen aisle and the home run swoop through alcohol that we need another strategy to occupy 'over it' toddlers.  Perhaps alcohol, like the lollies at checkout, are strategically placed, for I'm sure I'm not the only mother tempted to throw an extra bottle in, give me a sample of your latest Sauvignon Blanc and I might just add another for good measure!

Other signs the weather has turned is our rather urgent need to insulate. As I type this a crew of men are installing underfloor insulation, having just finished blanketing our ceiling.  I hope it feels like we're wrapped in one great big snugly blanket tonight. Taranaki people, did you know you may be able to add insulation to your rates bill?  We got ours done through Wise better homes.

Forget Spring cleaning, Autumn always gets me.  I think it's the whole snuggling up inside that does it, perhaps the extra time indoors to notice the state of your windows and the accumulating dust on surfaces. Well, ecostore are offering a Home Detox Pack, all their lovely fragrance free products for an amazing $25 including shipping, what are you waiting for? Click on the photo above to nab yours now.

This gorgeous crochet booties tutorial is just what you need if you want to get your winter craft on.  Love them!  Beautiful blog full of delicious recipes too, definitely worth a browse.

This little ladies coat flew out the door, in fact it was sold before I got a chance to list it.  Sold to a lovely customer who contacted me via facebook with her preferences, and I'm pleased to say, she loved it!  I'm just about finished an identical one in a size 4, the last of this fabric.  If you'd like to secure it, please email me at 

Have a lovely afternoon,

Sarah x

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  1. Enjoy the snug red wine times in your warm house! Love that you measure the changes of the season with colour of wine... and gorgeous coat!


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