Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Decorating kids rooms: Fireplaces

Edens painted fire place

I love decorating kids rooms!  I don't mean floor to ceiling Winnie the Pooh either, more of an extension of my style, but with a fun, whimsical twist...and lots of practical storage!  Having lived in a small home I developed a real appreciation for storage and wall hooks (hence the growing range of fabulous hooks on MissMollyCoddle).  Our previous home, the home I brought my babies home to, was tiny.  So tiny, their shared room was directly off our kitchen, which was the walkway through to our bathroom (yup, no hallway). There was no shutting the door on any mess, as it was also the sunniest room, providing light for our kitchen.  These reasons may have contributed to my obsession with decorating it, and the pleasure I got from viewing that (occasionally) perfectly styled room was immense.

We've moved on and are now fortunate to have a room each for the kids, two rooms to decorate (woohoo!).  The youngest, least likely to complain has been designated the worst room in the house, with the least features and less appeal to decorate.  Eden however, has nabbed herself a beauty.  Gorgeous ceiling, large villa window and the piece de resistance, a fireplace!  I painstakingly painted this and just finished spraying the fire, with a lesson learnt in the process, never underestimate the drift from spray paint!  Thank goodness for dark carpet, we can probably pass the marks off as shadows. I've now been browsing pinterest for styling inspiration and I'm sure her mantle piece will undergo many transformations, as we're yet to finish unpacking all her accessories.  I'll be back with more pics too as we slowly progress through our house, room by room.

Inspiration via pinterest

Have a happy afternoon x


  1. Beautiful! Lucky children to have a mum so keen to have a creative side!

  2. what a gorgeous fireplace, and the treasures on top look beautiful too, can't wait to see more pics :)

  3. It looks gorgeous, Sarah! Love the black and white contrast and all of the eclectic retro-ness of it all. Lucky kidlets! x

  4. What a sweet, delightful, and organized room! Love it!

  5. Such a lovely fireplace... look forward to seeing how you prettify your beautifully decorated mantle!


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