Tuesday, May 13, 2014

New book Tuesday: Belle and Boo bubbles before bed...

We received this gorgeous book as a gift a year or two back and although we enjoyed reading it, we saved the crafts and drawing activities till Eden was a bit older and able to enjoy doing them herself (you should see what she drew living under the sea!) or with some help from me.  We've been reading it again lately with the promise we'll make things when she has an afternoon with no preschool, and Ben is asleep (it's just easier). The Boo flannel puppet was our first craft activity and great fun.

We made a few adjustments, as you can see.  Eden traced the pattern pieces herself, that's the four of them top left.  I thought we may have some sizing issues (bless her four year old tracing/cutting skills) so I amended slightly when cutting (careful not to draw attention/offend). We used facecloth fabric for the soap holding pocket and rather than stitching right sides together, we did a short zig zag (applique) on the edges to avoid turning it out, as the fabric was too bulky and it would lose it's shape. This also left enough room for a wee hand to go inside and play puppets.  We also stopped embroidering after the face as I realised it was not my forte and Ben was up and ready for afternoon tea, our craft session was over!

The book tells the story of a bedtime routine and is interspersed with beautiful illustrations to colour in and crafts to make, including a dress up doll.  This will be a book we'll be treasuring, as it not only reminds us of snuggly bedtime stories, but is now full of precioius four year old drawings.

You can buy this book through Belle and Boo online, they ship internationally.



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