Thursday, April 24, 2014

Baking with toddlers...

I just had to share this little apron with you, it was such a happy accident.  I found the bodice in my cupboard already made and was just about to cut out some gingham (which also looks super cute) to make the skirt, when I glanced across the room and realised the fabric I'd just been making coats from was absolutely perfect! It really brings out the peach/coral pink of the floral Sanderson print and I had just enough left.  It'll be getting listed here later today, so some lucky little girl will be all set for baking.

Speaking of which, who honestly really enjoys baking with toddlers?  I want to. Some times I do.  More often than not I'm just persevering because I want it to be that wonderful mother/child bonding activity that I envisaged.  Think flour EVERYWHERE, tug of war over whisk, fighting over stool (if little brother is helping), spoon in mouth, fingers in mixture, mixture in hair, hair being pulled (if little brother is helping) and that pretty much sums it up, just add audio for full effect.  But, I will persevere, if not for my idealistic pre-children dreams, but for my hopes of an in-house baker.  My sister and I baked from a young age and in a family of 10, I'm sure it was a help/respite for my Mum.  Fed up with watching a whole slice devoured in one morning tea, Mum resorted to baking cakes in a large roasting pan, great big pans of deliciousness... still devoured in record time, poor Mum.  I'll leave you with a typical  image of a mixing bowl in our house, anyone for a cuppa and pikelets? Yes, that's a fairy costume for the occasion. The whisk is our super cute small size rainbow whisk, perfect for kids.  

I'm  off to buy a specially mixed can of spray for Eden's bedhead, I can't wait to see the end result!  Have a lovely day.

Sarah x

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  1. Oh yes I can see it now! Just like when my four were young! One day, not now maybe, but one day you will look back & smile.......such fond memories.


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