Monday, April 7, 2014

Bed love...

It's all about beds in our house at the moment.  Having found a pair of amazing vintage peacock headboards at a garage sale recently, I've been on the hunt for a divan base (I love storage) for Eden, which I've now got and it's on the 'to paint' list.  Just last week I managed to find an old hospital bed (refurbished) for Ben. It's a little bit sad to see my baby out of his cot, but he's climbing out now anyway. If you too have been on the hunt for a vintage iron bed for kids, you've probably seen, or been involved in a virtual scrum, they're in such high demand.  Luckily there are now some REALLY cute reproductions for reasonable prices.  Below are two of my favourites. I love the divine colours of the new Freedom king singles and the detailing is very pretty.  I personally prefer standard singles for kids though and Tempt Interiors do a great replica of the old hospital beds. Their price includes delivery. 

Above are a couple of my favourite examples of antique iron beds in a similar style to the reproductions above.  I love the colours in the top one and how the picture ties in with the wall dots, great revamp for the drawers and an all time fave of mine, the little toadstool lamp.  The bottom image has been a great source of inspiration for Ben's room, love it!  Image sources can be found via my pinterest boards, children's rooms.


I got super lucky with my peacock headboards, which are the same as the image below. If you haven't had any luck and have been coveting the gorgeous ones in Australian store The family love tree, then you'll be please to know beautiful cane headboards can be found in NZ.  Here's a selection from Wellington store Behome.

Some room inspiration for cane headboards, via my colour board on pinterest.


If you're based in Australia you'll be lucky enough to have access to another beautiful store, Incy Interiors and all their gorgeous children's furniture, like the Penny bed below.  If not, I thought you may take inspiration from it as I'm constantly seeing old, dark stain, turned beds at my local op shops.  They're just screaming out for a sand and lick of paint and would easily look as gorgeous as the one below, for a fraction of the price.

A perfect example of an old turned bed revamped! Image source here.

Sweet dreams x


  1. Thanks for sharing. I bought a white iron bed similar to the Freedom ones when we lived in the UK - so glad I bought it back to NZ with us. Good to know that Freedom stock them xo

  2. Oh my goodness! I love the info in this post! Thank you x

  3. Beautiful blog! i read an article about you in the Home & Garden magazine!
    Love the wee woollen coats you make, you are very clever.

  4. Thanks for your lovely writeup on our peacock bedheads! Happy to discover (belatedly) your beautiful blog.


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