Thursday, April 3, 2014

The wonderful world of washi...

I was asked today for some ideas on how to use washi tape. Sticking mainly to gift wrapping with mine, I felt this was not really an overly inspiring answer, so I turned to my good friend pinterest, and boy did they come to the party!  Here is a round up of my absolute favourites, which you can find (for image sources too) on my new board, wonderful washi.

Love these pegs! Perfect for hanging kids artwork.

Washi + twine = gorgeous bunting wrapping!

So many uses for parties

I'm pretty budget with plasters, no princess ones in our house, I go for the plain old bulk packs, so boring I know.  This is a great way to cutesy them up for kids and a pretty cool activity too.

A very "on trend" idea for wall art.

Here's another one, very effective in white.

Love the classic look of black and white, which looks great on brown paper wrapping

and equally classy around tea lights. 

Here's my image which prompted the "inspiration" hunt.  You can see my full range here.  Feel free to comment here or on facebook with any ideas you have for washi tape, I'd love to hear them, thanks.

Sarah x

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