Sunday, June 22, 2014

Edens room...

Here's some pics from Edens recently redecorated room (minus her large villa window, a mammoth restoration job,  it's still on the "to do" list).  I've chosen a palette of turquoise, pink and white.  These colours were dictated by the colours in a pair of vintage ballerina barkcloth curtains I bought many years ago, bought because I knew I'd regret not buying, even though I had no window to fit them, I don't think I even had a daughter at that time.  When we shifted I crossed my fingers they'd fit her window,  it wasn't to be, so  I unpicked the curtains and painstakingly lined up the print and made them into a gorgeous duvet cover.  I'd bought some plain pink sheeting fabric from spotlight, which would have done the trick, but I found a perfect retro sheet in my stash, bright blue floral that match the blues in the barkcloth, it looks amazing.  I also had just enough of the perfect pink piping to edge it.  I love it when it all comes together after a rummage through what I've already got.

I really wanted to finish the bedhead (remember I blogged about it here?) before I showed you the duvet too, as it all ties in together. I picked the colour Resene Hippie Blue for it as it was a good match with the blue in duvet. I love mixing vintage with new and bright, but find getting the colours right is crucial, too vivid and it can just make anything vintage look old and faded, but match it just right and it can look gorgeous.  I took the colour chart to a paint shop and had a batch of fast dry enamel mixed and put in a spray can.  He did an amazing job and gave me a little extra for those inevitable chips.  I cannot imagine painting it using anything other than a spray can, it would have been an absolute nightmare.

The beautiful art deco light shade was from the kids room in our previous home.  The pink electrical cord and cast iron ceiling rose were won from Ico Traders, who I highly recommend.  Miranda was so lovely to deal with, super helpful and friendly.  Thank you so much, I absolutely love it! My amateur photography didn't really capture the pink of the shade or cable, so check out their website to see the great range of colours available.

Washi tape, ceramic bunny handles, bunny led night light (back soon), pink wall hook, felt ball garland (in store very soon) and similar ballerina cushion, all available through missmollycoddle.

Sarah x


  1. Thanks for the lovely words, you are so very welcome and you have more than done our cord and ceiling roses justice - this little bedroom is divine!!!! kindest regards, Miranda xx

  2. A dreamy bedroom for a little one... or not so little one! That bedding, the bunny handles and a most impressive basket collection!


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