Friday, June 27, 2014

Gaga over garlands...

If you follow me on facebook, you may have noticed I've been going a bit gaga over felt ball garlands... pink ones, black ones, pastel ones, blue hues... They're gradually getting listed in my store and on trademe, and strung all over my house in the meantime.  You may also have seen the one in Edens room, it's staying, but I'd be happy to make another. If you see one you'd like and can't find it, send me a message through facebook or via email and I'll see what I can.

The felt balls are handmade in Nepal and handstrung by me, here in NZ.  Each ball  is 2.5cm, with some larger 3.5 white ones and a few smaller grey ones.  Most felt ball garlands on the market are only up to 2cm, but I've gone for bigger and bolder.

Have a lovely weekend,

Sarah x


  1. Love the co-ordinating garlands with areas of your home!

  2. They are so neat! And from the glimpses I'm seeing, your new house looks gorgeous - I have fireplace envy right now!!! :o)


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