Friday, October 10, 2014

Portobello Market, Notting Hill...

I've just returned from an incredible two weeks in Europe with my sister, it was total bliss! We had four days in London, showing her the sights, exploring the shops and reminiscing.We then headed to France for the main event, my brothers wedding, which was a beautiful, perfect day in an idyllic french village. We finished up with a couple of days in Paris, sightseeing, shopping and working our way through the delicious patisseries. Again, total bliss. Throughout the trip I took loads of photos with my blog and it's followers in mind. I'll share them over a few posts, starting with this one on Portobello markets, Notting Hill.  The sheer array of vintage goodies is just incredible, and although I wanted to bring SO MUCH home, my suitcase and the often exorbitant prices kept me in check. The atmosphere is fantastic though too.  We got there early and wandered with ease before the crowds descended.  The aroma from food stalls, great people watching and GORGEOUS buildings makes it one of my favourite experiences, which is why I spent many Saturdays during my OE roaming the market and why we booked our flights to arrive the night before!

I had to bring one of these wee trays home.

The street food, fresh produce and flower stalls were amazing. Oh to be local!

Oh, to live in one of the gorgeous pastel houses too!  I suspect my husband wouldn't be too keen on painting our home pink, somehow it works so well in Notting Hill, New Plymouth? Probably not.

And for those Cath Kidston fans out there (I know a few of you are!), here's a peek inside her Portobello road store, my first visit to one of her shops.  I loved the way genuine vintage props are used throughout her stores, I only wish they'd been for sale.  She had the cutest tins, baskets and chairs.  Check out the yellow kids chair in the last photo.

A few treats for the kids came home from here, love the ballet range!

See you back here soon with some pics from France, including a peek inside the cutest kids shop EVER!

Sarah x

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