Thursday, January 27, 2011

Recycled Wrapping...

I was always embarrassed as a child handing over my wallpaper wrapped presents. We always seemed to have more left over wallpaper, than money for wrapping paper.  Now I can appreciate how hard it must have been just buying the presents, let alone wrapping and cards, and even though I can afford the wrapping now, I'm loathe to do so.  I would rather spend the best part of $10, on the gift itself, rather than on a card and wrap.  Anyway, wallpaper, it seems, is now in vogue and actually gives the 'giver' a whole load of eco cred.  Not to mention, it's way more fun trying to come up with a creative way to wrap.  I have a friend, the mum of last weekends party girl, who always wraps gorgeously.  I've been put to shame with my leftover Christmas wrap, on many an occasion.  In fact I raided my wrapping stash, only to re-use vintage wallpaper she'd given Poppet a present in!  Perhaps we could see how long that piece lasts, could we stretch it to the girls 21st birthdays?  What stories it could tell if we do.  Anyway, it got me to thinking of creative ways I could start to wrap.  I'm always sending off baby shoes, so they should be my first wrapping challenge. So, I used an old Golden book from my friend to wrap a couple of pairs I've just posted off. I know it can cause gasps using a book to wrap! But I will only use those that have really done there dash, torn and ragged.  I also used a page from an old atlas(withdrawn from library) to wrap a bib and the ribbons are recycled.

I'd love some more ideas.  Feel free to leave a comment if you have any recycling or creative ideas for wrapping.

Enjoy your day

Sarah :)


  1. that atlas page looks cool! i hardly ever buy wrapping paper anymore, I just use brown paper and decorate it with stamps or kozo tape, so much cheaper and fun to do. My friend gave my girls christmas pressie's wrapped in bright red fabric that she found for really cheap and used white twill tape for the ribbon- it looked awesome!

  2. I know, wrapping paper is so expensive and for what, really? I usually use white heavy duty paper, I buy it in a huge roll so it is quite economical, then I use wool to string around it like a parcel and add a scrap of ribbon or fabric to decorate with a 'bow'. Another idea I've noticed people doing (and it can be part of the gift) is to wrap the present in a pretty tea-towel (new or thrifted) or a baby blanket, handmade cushion cover etc.

  3. P.S. I just saw a pair of your shoes featured on Felt's front page - good for you!!! :o)

  4. Look at the below blog post!!

    I get old Vogue mags from op shops for 50 cents and cut them up to make envelopes.


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