Monday, February 28, 2011

Birthday treats....

Today I've decided to banish all guilt for my lack of motivation lately. I have a few half finished sewing projects on the go, a half dug flower bed, and no inclination to finish either... and because it's my BIRTHDAY, I'm going to put my feet up and read a book instead, or a few blogs. Anyway, I have reason for my lack of progress. My sister married a week ago, it was a beautiful day, I just love weddings and can't wait to see her photos. Poppet hasn't been too well, so we're all a bit sleep deprived in our household. Last, but by no means least, is the Christchurch earthquake. It's been heartbreaking watching it unfold as I've been glued to the telly. We had a nervous day waiting to hear from friends there, but are relieved to say all of mine are safe and well, if somewhat shaken(pun not intended). Our hearts go out to all those that have lost loved ones, or are waiting to hear news. So, I haven't been blogging, as it all seemed to trivial in light of what poor Christchurch residents have been going through. I do have a few flea market finds and other bits and bobs to show you, so will be gradually updating.

I had a lovely coffee with a few friends this morning and received a gorgeous Aromatherapy Company Orange and Jasmine diffusion set, yummy. It was wrapped in interfacing, a trick from my florist friend, and looked gorgeous and simplistic with a lovely ribbon. I also received these GORGEOUS biscuit cutters, bought off etsy(not technically fleamarket, but thought you'd like to see). They came all the way from the US and I just love their red handles. They look perfect in my kitchen.  Of course they came beautifully wrapped, tied with the cutest bias binding and a handmade tag.

I've gotten some neat ideas for wrapping lately, following this previous blog. Here is a list of my favourites items for wrapping

- Children's books

- Atlas

- Interfacing

- Sewing patterns... thanks Megan for generously sending me some!

- Magazines... check out this tutorial for making gift bags, thanks to frugaldownunder

- Brown paper and twine

- Bias binding/ribbon

Enjoy your afternoon, hope you're having a lovely one.


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  1. Lovely tin and the biscuit cutters, from my home country of the USA, are lovely. I have some similar to that, with green wooden handles on them. Thank you ever so much for sharing your wonderful finds!


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