Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Op shop find...

Well I'm a bit slow to get my find up this week, but here it is.  A vintage style child's duvet cover.  I just love the print!  So many(too many) ideas...  bedding, booties, bags... Would be great for accessories to go with this vintage eiderdown, and of course the coast guard cushion.  I was very jealous of the fabulous fabric finds over at Rosa's room this week, lucky, lucky lady.  I love Holly Hobby fabrics.  I got a gorgeous piece of vintage Sarah Kay fabric a while back,  I made some cute bibs with it, but have had no luck finding any since.

To see more of what others have been finding, check out Sophie's and Apronthriftgirl.

See you back here soon, my sewing machine beckons!



  1. I love nautical themed items so am jealous of your life ring cushion! Too adorable. Am inspired to make one out of my own out of some felt...

  2. and I'm a bit jealous of that gorgeous print. I love red, white and blue. And I was only just saying in a recent post that you don't often find good linen for boys.....the life ring is divine..........what a great idea for a cushion.

  3. thanks for posting the pic up close...I the colours and the way the artist drew the children.
    Looks like you have a real eye for grabbing some great deals!


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