Friday, August 5, 2011

Beautiful pottery and a trip away...

We had a couple of nights away earlier this week, just me, Poppet and her gran on a road trip.  It was great... apart from the attempted planking(picture stiff as a board crying toddler) in her car seat, it seems somebody no longer wants to be in a car for extended periods!  We headed to Raglan, which I absolutely love.  It's peaceful, arty and relaxing.  After recently seeing a photograph(over here) of a beautiful turquoise bowl, by Tony Sly, I was very keen to visit his gallery again.  He must have one of the worlds most picturesque workplaces.  His previous wharf gallery sadly burnt down(along with the delicious fish n chip shop), but he's back up and running on the same wharf and seems to have an even better range of gorgeous pottery.  Definitely worth a visit if you're heading that way.  I got a gorgeous wee jug as a memento, which of course I've filled with jasmine, loving it!

Enjoy your afternoon, I'm about to do 'another' coat on  the porch floor.



  1. Our jasmine has blossomed - we've had unseasonably warm weather the last few days. The scent is filling the house - I lurve it. I love the colour of the jug.

  2. same as Zigsma...on Jasmine and jug...
    have a lovely weekend, hope you get your porch done x


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