Thursday, August 4, 2011

Telephone table revamp...

Today has been far from creative, I've spent a good chunk of it cleaning and thoroughly washing our stroller, which a local cat decided to mark his territory on, not impressed!  Luckily I finished this telephone table revamp last week, so I do have something to show.  It's actually being used as a bedside table, but light is better in our porch, and the colours match.  I sprayed it black (LOVE spray paint) and recovered the seat in fabric from spotlight, $9 metre on sale, such a bargain I bought extra for a cushion, which i also made last week.  It goes really well with my placemat designer cushions.

I decided to be a bit truthful with this posts photos and show you the real state of this room!  It's my current project and once I've finished this post, eaten my toasted sandwich and let the floor dry, I'll be getting stuck into giving it another coat of paint.  It's new colour is the gorgeous duck egg blue Karen Walker periglacial, which I just love!

For more creative spaces pop over here.

Enjoy your afternoon



  1. we used that karen walker colour in our old house-it's gorgeous! awesome revamp, spray paint is the best for fiddly stuff isn't it. and naughty cats- have you heard they hate citrus smells- I spray some orange essential oil mixed with water around the place sometimes when they get into our rubbish bins!

  2. Oh yes - love duck egg blue
    and love black spray paint too!!

    Looks gorgeous, the black makes it look so much better!xx

  3. Looking great, love the blues :-)


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