Thursday, March 15, 2012

My creative space...

I've finally snipped into a piece of my precious ballerina bark cloth, and I'm so glad I did. I LOVE the end result, which really shows off the ballerina fabric as a centre piece.  Most importantly, Poppet loves it!  Rummaging through my fabric stash and selecting fabrics took almost as long as sewing it.  I have a tendency to play it safe with fabric choice (ie. varying shades of pink) and almost didn't go for the retro sheet fabrics, so glad I did though as I'm loving their vibrant colours.

The gorgeous vintage basket was a present from my old neighbour, a keen and clever sewer/crafter.  She'll be featuring in an upcoming documentary, so had been tidying up her studio in preparation for her interview.  It's the second instalment of vintage fabrics from her (lucky, lucky me) and is full of embroidered linens and lovely fabrics, some of which I've used in this cushion.  She reminded me the other day, while I whinged about feeling unproductive, that I have in fact been quite the opposite, producing our wee boy!  She's right, but it was still sooooo good to spend some (ahem... childless) time in my studio, cutting, plotting, thinking, gazing vacantly out to the garden, yawning, rethreading overlocker (sigh), making... more rejuvenating than an afternoon nap any day!

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  1. Gorgeous cushion! What a special neighbour too. I know what you mean about the rummaging taking as long as the sewing :-)

  2. Love that barkcloth -
    I think I used to have the same but
    in yellow!X

  3. Great fabric combinations- I'm all for a bit of contrast!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! beautiful fabrics and a what a lovely neighbour too.

  5. Your fabrics look great together - love the ballerina - so sweet!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  6. Beautiful pillow, I love it! Wow, lucky you to get given that lovely basket of goodies! I love seeing all you great creations and I've passed on a sunshine award to your blog xx

  7. That ballerina fabric is beautiful, and reminds me of my own childhood quilt (still have it) which was very similar, but blue, and the ballerina's were in tutus. I had matching curtains, but I think they disappeared a long time ago. Pity, they would have been great pieces fabric now.


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